Ximenez Spinola Brandy liquor

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It does not always have to be Brandy. Well not pure Brandy in this case. Today I am having a look at the Ximenez Spinola Brandy liqueur “Tres Mil Botellas”.

Ximenez Spinola Brandy liqueur

I have been curious to know for a long time if a liqueur made from Brandy is like double the fun drinking. So I went out and got a bottle of the Ximenez Spinola liqueur that is limited to 3000 bottles a year (as the names says) and comes with a numbered label on the back.

Ximenez Spinola Brandy liqueur

As for the liqueur itself I was quite surprised! I did not expect this. Already in the nose it was clear that it was made out of Brandy but there were lots of other aromas lingering around. Drinking it it still felt a bit odd and to come to my conclusion straight away: This is not for me. While the woody notes were great and made it clear that this drink spend a lot of time in barrels, the overall product was simply too sweet. A little bit over the top I am afraid. Certainly nice to enjoy alongside a nice piece of cake in the afternoon but not for when I thirst for this “pure” Brandy spirit.

Ximenez Spinola Brandy liqueur

By the way, some say that my beloved Luis Felippe is more of a liquor or a port as well. And while there is a point in that as it really is very intensive there are worlds apart when it comes to subtleness, complexity and consistency.

For more infos click on the tasting sheet: Milenario

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