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Everyone is writing about the new releases, the Hoyo San Juan or the Picadores from Por Larranaga. But I am still behind with my homework. Almost two years after the new Vegueros cigars where launched and almost two years after my tasting of the went online (that cigar was handed out during last years festival!), I smoked all three of the new Vegueros. And while more of a collection of thoughts than a formal tasting here it goes.


The cigars I have smoked are
Vegueros Entretiempos (Petit Edmundo)
Vegueros Mananitas (Petit Pyramides)
Vegueros Tapados (Corona Extra / Petit Coronas)

It is obvious that the Cubans reworked the brand. Not just from the outside with new bands and packaging. If not the cigars are “beefier” than their older siblings. While I like that the cigars are short I still am not sure if I like the sizes. Apart from the Petit Edmundo the other two are new sizes. The older Vegueros were total classics that seemed better fit to a brand that should put the hard working people into the spot light, the Cuban Vegueros. As for the taste there is a lot of wood and the cigars are not exactly mild. They all showed a noticeable development but somehow they all lack elegancy, they seem to be filled with more rustic tobacco (which is not necessairily a bad thing, just diffrent).


As mentioned the design of the bands and the packaging have seen an upgrade. To me they make the Vegueros look like a lifestyle product. Similar of what other non-cuban brands have done but certainly in a more affordable price range. In general I welcome that as it is important to win new smokers and not every brand has to be traditional and not everything has to be the same. And they certainly do stick out! That is great! I just find it a little bit ought that a cigar related to the workers in the fields gets this lifestyle touch.


As said somewhere else, I love the packaging and the cigars itself seem nice to smoke once in a while when you do not have much time but still want that Cuban taste. But I doubt that aging the cigars will do much good except for taming them down a little resulting mostly in a better burn. My personal favorite was the Tapado (Petit Corona format). The figurado shaped Mananitas tasted similar and is very comparable to the Tapado. Both seem like nice easy going smokes to accompany a coffee break. The Petit Edmundo was too much of hot smoke and air (a typical Volado roll).


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