Vecchia Romagna Carta Negra

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Visiting Italy the very wide spread Vecchia Romagna deserves a post. I left the classico on the shelve and wnt for the Carta Negra directly. Money whise there was not much diffrence though.


According to my perceiption, this is the classic Italian Brandy and it is – and this I find great – very widely known and very easy to get, even in Switzerland.

The aroma is very pleasant and extremely fruity. But taste whise it does not deliver what I am used to from a Solera Gran Reserva. Depth and complexity are missing. It is not that it tastes bad, but compared to “regular” Soleras it is less expresive and a little agressive on the palate even with the 38% which lays below the average 405 of the Spaniards.

For more infos click on the tasting sheet: VecchiaRomagnaCNTasting

PS: Sorry for the bad picture – bottle was empty before I even could take a picture of it… đŸ™‚

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  • Angelo Raccanello


    i am looking for a bottle of Spanish brandy by the name of carta negra , where can I find it ? Thank you


    • feltedhat


      I do not know of a carta negra. Sometimes they use words like that for special/limited Brandy. Do you know the Bodega or maybe some more info about this Brandy? Or do you mean the Capa Negra?


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