Upmann vintage jar

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One of my newest aqusition. The Upmann Vintage Magnum 46 jar.


Filled with 19 cigars made in 2006 (yes the jar looks bigger than it actually is). All cigars sporting the old simple and brown band. This numbered, limited quantity jar came out not too long ago in Spain. 1100 jars are made. The Spaniards have quite a tradition for cool gimmicks like this. I remember the Partagas Serie D No. 4 Travelhumidor or the wooden small Desktop Humi for Punch.

The jar itself is very rustic in the make. But this is exactly why it wins my heart ( even though I have to admit, that I go crazy about jars in general).

Particularly interessting is the paper inlay for me. It states that the cigars can undergo a maximum of 15 years of aging. This is the first time I noticed Habanos S.A. staging something about maximum aging period. 10 years ago even aging was laughed upon by many…

Plus it seems this jar is the first release in a row of A Vintage collection. Looking forward to learn what will come up. Cross my fingers for something from La Escepcion… đŸ™‚

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