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As you can see I do not find a lot of time for my hobby in the last past month and this blog is a little abandoned by me. So I was even more excited that another tasting of the titans was due in January. This time it was (almost) all about the Trinidad Farm House Double Robusto released in 2003 in the nicely crafted farmhouse humidor.

Trinidad Farm House Double Robusto

If I remember this well the Farm House Double Robusto was one of the first Cubans that came in this impressive format being a tad wider and longer than a Double Coronas. Of course the typical piggy tail at the head of the cigar was there as it is in all the marcas cigars and the band was still the older Trinidad version in all gold with black letters, just bigger than the others. Another important point is that these cigars came out of an unnumbered Farm House that obviously was not part of the limited run of 100 that had a handwritten number on the bottom of the box (house). I never have smoked a stick out of the numbered houses so I am not able to compare it even though this certainly would have very interesting to see if the blend would be the same. Speaking of comparing, so far I only smoked the Double Robusto and left the Fundadores that came with it alone. So as for those I am planing to write a review to see if they hold up or are even better than the regular Fundadores. I have a feeling they are probably very similar. Let’s see…

Trinidad Farm House Double Robusto

All the Double Robustos smoked that night were well crafted. Draw and burn seemed to be of no problem with any of us, so that was already good! As for the smoking pleasure I personally am a little torn. Even two weeks later while writing this, I am not sure whether this was a great cigar or if it simply was mediocre. While I felt it was representing the Trinidad taste profile quite well with the subtle sweetness, a hint of leather and a nice aroma there were some off notes like burned paper lingering around and a clear bitterness that left me a bit unsatisfied with the cigar. Really, all in all a good cigar, unique in its way and it even had that almond taste that I like so much and contribute to good tobacco. But when it comes to price and value I would stick to regular production stuff any day! Maybe the expectations were very high as this is a collectable and difficult to find cigar. But if you do not have it in your humidor already, don’t go out of your way (and wallet) to add this, unless you are a die hard collector. 🙂

Trinidad Farm House Double Robusto

Apart from the cigar we had a little sip of a Single Malt Whisky made in Bangalore, India, the Amrut Fusion. Personally I do not know much of Single Malts but I was intrigued by its complexity and felt it was quite expressive. It would have been very difficult for me to really guess if this was not a real Scottish Single Malt in a blind tasting. But maybe I am standing alone with this opinion as at least some of my fellow titans are a bit of what I call Single Malt Snobs. Sorry guys. 🙂


Again it was a very pleasant evening and the cigar, while more memerable because of it being very scarce and not because of it being a delight to smoke was certainly interesting. I am left again to thank the titans for the spectacular cigars, the nice company and their time and of course many thanks to the Portmann’s for their generosity and hospitality.

For more impressions, details and description of the cigars please see the individual tasting sheets:
Trinidad Farm House Double Robusto Trinidad Farm House Double Robusto Trinidad Farm House Double Robusto Trinidad Farm House Double Robusto

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