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Candela wrappers

Written by feltedhat on . Posted in Cuban Cigars Post

Not sure if I have enough information on this to sensibly fill a whole blogpost with this subject. On a second thought, that did never stopp me before, didn’t it? However I am a 100% sure that I do not have pictures to back this one up. I do have one or the other cigar that has a green spot or two. Maybe even a cigar that is on the verge of being so little brown that it almost is green. But I do not posses a Cuban cigar with a nice, juicy green candela wrapper. The only cigars I own that have a green wrapper, were gifted to me by a dear person a long time back and come from somewhere in Asia (I actually forgot from where). Those cigars are pictured above. Both of them were bone dry when I got them and up until this day they smell so strong of non-tobacco ingredients that I keep them somewhere stowed away in a drawer. Anyway, those cigars are having this green wrapper color. So I thought it would make sense to put up a picture of a green cigar. The other two pictures in this post have been photoshopped. And might I add horribly photoshopped as I have no clue how to do this. So please just go with the flow. 🙂

And now back to Cuban cigars with candela wrappers. If I recall correctly green wrappers were quite hip at the turn of the 19th century. In particular in Florida. For some reason the tradition got lost (or did it not) when customers asked for brown wrappers. When in Cuba in 2010 we had the rare opportunity to talk to a lot of people involved in the process of creating the cigars that we all like so much. And at one opportunity I noticed that there was a bunch green wrappers hanging from a ceiling. I always was very curious about what a candela wrapper does to a Cuban cigar and of course I asked about this bunch. The answer I got did not come very spontaneously but I was told that this was just a private experiment. Nothing special and nothing noteworthy. But I remember this bunch of candela wrappers up until today as if I would have seen it last week. In my mind I even put a conspiracy theory together that the Cubans are investigating or better said learning again how to produce candela leafs again in order to bring something new to the market in a few years. But I guess this was simply me being very curious to taste a candela cigar and my train of thought never even was close to the truth as today, almost seven years later I don’t think there are serious signs of the Cubans doing this nor did we see candela cigars from Cuban. A shame actually as I am still very much interested in smoking such a cigar. And who knows, maybe people actually would pick up to a candela cigar coming in a limited bunch, maybe as a “Edition Traditional” as I suggested earlier?

But again I guess I am a helpless geek and this is even one of my top “geekeries”. Or how many candela cigars do you have in your humidor? Or would you even be interested in smoking one? I guess not many people are. But I am! So if you have one, I am very interested in it!!! 🙂