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TotT – Bolivar Churchills Tubos

Written by feltedhat on . Posted in Cuban Cigar Review

Another cigar was reviewed in the tasting of the titans circle. And not just reviewed. I think I am save to say that we all enjoyed this one very much. The Bolivar Churchills Tubos from 2001.

Bolivar Churchill Tubos

And if this would have not been enough we again have been fortunately enough to be gifted with a few great cigars: The Bushidos ER APAC, Punch EL, Davidoff Brazil and the new release, the Partagas Maduros. I wanted to focus on the Bolivar so I did not smoke any of them but I am planing to do some online reviews here soon (and boy, I am really looking forward to smoking them!).

Bolivar Churchill Tubos

But back to the cigar of that evening. The Bolivar Churchill Tubos had a boxing date from 2001 and unfortunately they have been discontinued in 2002. The tubo itself has a classic metal look design (not so colorful as the newer releases) and what came out of this tubo was really hard to believe. The cigar looked so young that it was hard to believe that it already was 14 years old. A delicate and oily wrapper and a strong and complex sent filled out noses. Wow – what a Habanos cigar! And already from the first puffs a nice creamy smoke tasting of leather and floral aromas filled the room and mouth. My specimen was slightly peppery and nicely complex. There is really not much to say, than – WOW! One of the best cigars I have smoked this year and another proof that 2001 cigars can be outstanding! Not much to add here apart from please check the tasting sheets enclosed below.

Bolivar Churchill Tubos

Again we smoked a spectacular cigar, eat a nice burger and had some good conversations. I am left again to to thank the titans for the spectacular cigars, the nice company and their time and of course many thanks to the Portmann’s for their generosity and hospitality. I am really feeling that I would miss something in my life if we wouldn’t have those get togethers in the Griffins Business Lounge in Kreuzlingen! And Heiko, thanks for the Barbecue sauce! đŸ˜‰

For more impressions, details and description of the cigars please see the individual tasting sheets:
Bolivar Churchill Tubos Bolivar Churchill Tubos Bolivar Churchill Tubos Bolivar Churchill Tubos