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TotT – Monte Especial No. 1

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It has been a while since the last Tasting of the Titans and this time there were no surprises, no one was missing, no nonsense, no bling, just strait down to tasting business with the Montecristo Especiales No. 1 from 1997. So I was very much looking forward to this smoking date! And boy, what a cigar!


You simply have to love this format. And the boîte nature it comes in really makes it already clear. This cigar is not one of the regular production Montes. This truly is special. Another aspect of course was the cigars age. Boxed in 1997 means the cigars have over 17 years of age on them. And even though I am personally not the biggest fan of Montecristo cigars this aged stick really made my mouth water. But was the Monte able to deliver?


The answer to that is really short: YES!!! My exemplar showed a very nice development, was complex and earthy but yet showed herbal notes and as Heiko said “that old library taste” of a nice vintage. I felt it was a typical Montecristo as I was able to get those faint notes of “smoke from a fire with wet wood” that are typical for a Monte to me (difficult to explain the taste though). But the cigar was really elegant and fine. Simply well balanced. Another aspect was the perfect burn in all of our cigars. Simply stunning quality. A Habanos that left nothing to desire. And according to the fellow titan’s score everyone seemed to be very pleased! This really got me wondering if newer versions of the Montecristo Especiales No. 1 can keep up with this vintage version? I am sooo tempted to buy a box right now!

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On a side note: We had a sip of the Sanchez Romante Unos en Mil as I was interested in the opinion of my fellow titans. And if I got that right, even though everyone was surprised that this is a Brandy (and I kind of was hoping for that) the spirit went well with the Monte!

Again I would like to thank my tasting panel and Urs Portmann for all the cigars that were smoked that night, their time, hospitality and for the great evening spend with them! I am already looking forward to the next time we meet!!! Now if I only do not forget to setup that doodle! 🙂

For more impressions, details and description of the cigars please see the individual tasting sheets:
MonteEspecialesNo1 MonteEspecialesNo1 MonteEspecialesNo1 MonteEspecialesNo1

TotT – Los Statos de Luxe Selectos

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Indeed we smoked a second cigar the other night when we performed another Tasting of the Titans. As the Diplomaticos No.7 came in a “special” box this one too raised some questions.

The second cigar of the night was a Los Statos de Luxe Selectos. A Corona sized cigar from a brand that these days is known for some “cheapo” machine mades that still can be found with some age on it you might ask. And this makes the Tasting of the Titans? Well, the eyebrow raiser was the “totalmente a mano” stamp paired with the boxing date CB NISA which dates the cigars to 1996. Way over the date that they are commonly known to be produced as handmade cigars. Now we really had to get to the bottom of this and see if this was worth anything!


But first lets answer the most important question: Is this stick really worth something? And I can tell you that I still have not made up my mind yet even as I am writing this. 🙂 One fellow titan had a more to the point opinion right the same night: it sucked. The other Titan certainly did not find good words for it either writing about his experience with it online. I feel that my stick was not really THAT bad and boring, but already unwrapping the cigar from its cellophane and cedar sheet revealed that it practically had no smell. Only in “cold draw” it revealed some tobacco notes. And these (luckily) were the predominant ones thru out the smoke. Even if we all had to look really hard for them. 🙂


The flavors thru out were very much influenced by the way the cigar was smoked. When taking light puffs there was not much of anything but faint tobacco taste. Only drawing stronger resulted in more expressive taste as there was leather or even some roasted beans. The cigar also had a floral note to it through out the whole smoking time. This really made it noteworthy for me but not really satisfying. Another thing we concluded upon as well, that this was certainly no long filler cigar. Could not be as there where little “flakes” of tobacco everywhere. But guess what, “totalmente a mano” was used for machine bunched and hand wrapped cigars during the time this box is from. So I guess it really fits into the marcas profile and technique as it is a machine made.


As I have written, certainly a noteworthy experience but honestly, you can pass on this cigar if you get across one in a shop and live a happy life anyway. There are way better machine made smokes out there! And I do admit that I really like to smoke machine mades from time to time. It is more or less easy to get a hold of some mid-nineties boxes and some of them really have that old school tobacco taste mixed with black tea that I really love. As for the remainders in the 10 count box that we smoked out of this evening, I will certainly re-visit this box in a few years but I guess it would be close to a miracle if there would be any major improvement…

For more impressions, details and description of the cigars please see the individual tasting sheets:
StatosDeLuxeSelectos StatosDeLuxeSelectos StatosDeLuxeSelectos

TotT – Diplomaticos No. 7

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Lately there is a lot going on and I hardly find the time to blog let alone to smoke a nice cigar. Even more so I was looking forward to this tasting of the titans! This time unfortunately one of us had to cancel on short notice so we were only three. But first things first. 🙂 It really has been a while since we met and as I mentioned I did not see a lot of smoking opportunities so I was very excited and looked forward to this evening where we were once again meeting in Kreuzlingen, enjoying Urs Portmanns generosity and hospitality.


On the menu for the day was the Diplomaticos No. 7, a Laguito No. 2 format. But not just any Diplo 7! This one was boxed in 1988 but not just in a regular plain dress box, no sir. This one came out of a Semi Boîte nature box. And yes, again to confirm, boxed in 1988 – JM NOUU (Jose Marti I guess, Oct 1988). Now you might read here and there that such a box did not exist or that they have been stopped using such a packaging in the late seventies. But here it is, late eighties, and we each smoked one. 🙂


But enough about packaging, what about the cigar you might ask? Well, it was a typical Diplomaticos having sour notes that I attribute to this brand which for me in no way is the little sister of Montecristo as I actually prefer the Diplos over the Montes because they have that own and unique profile. Personally with this cigar I am always reminded of saffron, especially by simply smelling the cigars in the box. And I was happy to recognize some of that while smoking the cigar. It was not a power house and not overly expressive. And you can see in the individual tasting notes, that we smoked cigars before that we liked more. But it never got boring, showed complexity and was noble smoke companion that packed lots of different flavors and little surprises. While it was very enjoyable I was left with a little doubt as it might be that this cigar was a tad bit over its peak? After all 26 years of age might show. Better to not wait too long to smoke another one…


And already now I can say that this was not the only cigar we smoked this evening. But more on that later.

For more impressions, details and description of the cigars please see the individual tasting sheets:
DiplomaticosNo7 DiplomaticosNo7 DiplomaticosNo7