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Blunts with health warnings?

Written by feltedhat on . Posted in Cuban Cigars Post

A delicate subject. So first I would like to get some facts and information in, before I tear this up and twist it around.

Smoking Kills

The definition of a blunt is – and honestly, I had to look this up in Wikipedia – a Marijuana filled cigar. The cigar’s filler tobacco is gutted out and replaced with Cannabis. Only the wrapper stays. I asume you cannot do this with a premium wrapper leaf as it would break into a million pieces. But with a wrapper of a machine made cigar this should be no problem. And I understand the name blunt comes from a comercial name of such a cigar with a “rough” wrapper.

The other thing I would like to state is, that Marijuana is being legalized more and more. In Amsterdam you can buy it in coffee shops for decades. If you have a medical prescription, you can get high in California, no problemo. And Switzerland currently is preparing a pilot where a testgroup can legaly buy grass at the farmacy.

Smoking Kills

Now that we got that straight I would like to add the following: The current trend in cigars are health warning labels, no advertising, massive taxes and in some countries you can only buy Habanos that are hidden behind a curtain, so nobody sees them. Soon the premium fillers are sold in sex shop like atmosphere by greasy, shady people trying to sell you other stuff too, or what!


Allow me to summarize. On the one hand we have legalization of a drug that has to be smoked (well, not exclusively) to be consumed. And on the other hand we see, that a product that can be seen as a pleasure, is pushed to the borders of legality and pushed into an “place” where I ask myself, if I am really a freak or what because I smoke Habanos. Am I the only one who sees it like this?!?

Smoking Kills

I am left with the question, if the blunts that are sold in the farmacy in the not so distant future, will have health warnings on the package too?