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TotT – Saint Luis Rey Double Coronas

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This tasting of the titans“>tasting of the titans (TotT) smoking a Saint Louis Rey Double Coronas happened already back in August. And yes, I admit that I was a lazy bastard and it took me ages to put this up. I guess in internet-years, where everything goes so fast, it was more like geological ages! 🙂 But here it is. A tasting of one of my favorite Double Coronas: The SLR Double Coronas. And this specific specimens were boxed was boxed in 2002!

It was brought to us in a trusty cigar caddy, as the 50 cabinet box the cigars usually reside in simply was to big to travel. 🙂 Already the looks of those cigars without bands. Just heavenly! And doing a little bit of research before the actual tasting event, thanks to Min Ron Nee, I knew that those cigars must have been amongst the first to be boxed as Double Coronas. Well almost the first but close I would say. Prior to that there were boxed as Prominentes, but that is an entirely different post, maybe. 😉 So after a nice chat and smoke in Mr. Portmanns lounge and a short dinner consisting out of the tasty burgers and fries coming from the diner next door, we went down to business!

The cigar had an irresistible and yet very strong smell. Surprisingly expressive for a stick that was about to be lying and aging in a cabinet box for almost 14 years. And from here on I can lift the tension and make it short – or shall I say “shortish”. The cigar was really nice and I enjoyed it a lot. To my surprise the – for me – typical notes of sour dough and ginger bread candy only revealed themselves in the second and third part of the cigar. So they were definitely there but not as early and maybe not as pronounced as I remembered them. To be fair I have not smoked a Saint Luis Rey DC for a while and certainly not such an old one. If I recall correctly most of the ones I smoked in the last years were from 2005 and 2006. If you have SLR DC’s in your humidor, you can be glad. They certainly have the potential to age more and develop into a very elegant smoke in the future.

It is all to seldom that we meet and I always enjoy myself very much. Escaping every day routine and smoke a great cigar in even better company. I am left again to thank the titans for the spectacular cigars, the nice company and their time and of course many thanks to the Portmann’s for their generosity and hospitality.

For more impressions, details and description of the cigars please see the individual tasting sheets:
Saint Luis Rey Double Coronas Saint Luis Rey Double Coronas Saint Luis Rey Double Coronas

Ever smoked a SLR Lonsdale?

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Hands in the air: Who smokes Saint Luis Rey Lonsdales on a regular basis? And who belongs to the group that is somehow surprised that this cigar even exists? I am a member of the later, or so I was inclined to believe.


But how can that be? I love the Lonsdale size and I really dig the brand Saint Luis Rey. How could I miss this one?!? Did I smoke one before but can’t simply remember? Who knows its mabe because I am getting old and start to forget things!

But one thing seems remarkable. Well apart from the very strong urge to go out and get me a SLR Lonsdales to smoke! This cigar was discontinued in 2006. I know, you all now go “Yeah, is there even a Lonsdale left in regular production?!?” But this is not my point. One can still find boxes of the said cigar in shops. Discontinued in 2006 and still lying on the shelfes? Either this is the whorst tasting Saint Luis Rey ever or it is a hidden gem, often overlooked within an unspectacular dress box (or for other reasons). This really keeps me wondering!


So there is still this urge to go and smoke one. But how can I calm that feeling, that anxiety? Maybe if I smoke another Saint Luis Rey? So off I go to pay the humidor a visit. And what do I see?!? A full cab of Saint Luis Rey Lonsdales sitting there. And it is as if it is grinning at me: “Hey, you old f…! Forgott you even had me, did you?” And then all comes back to me. A wonderfull cigar, nutmeg amd sour doug meet ginger bread spice mix (or so).

Two things are clear now. Number one is the Saint Luis Rey really is a hidden gem. Second, I am getting old and I do start to forget things! 🙂


And what is your secret star cigar?

Rediscover jewels

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Is it just me or didn’t we see a lot of new releases this and the last year? Just to be straight forward and clear I find this to be a good thing. And maybe I am just mislead by things that have been announced and are not yet available or simply because I lost a bit touch with the latest news coming out of Cuba.


I do have to admit that I am always on the lookout for news. I like to smoke new releases to see if they are within the marcas profile, get something new into my “rotation” or simply to see whether it is worth to buy a whole box. Sometimes we see beautiful humidors and cool new packaging combined with vitolas that I like and that always motivates me to get my hands on at least one stick. 

But as I said I don’t think it is bad for Habanos S.A. to keep the new releases “manageable”. Because keeping the amount low I would hope they have time to focus on regular production. And this is the point I would like to make today, resp. I would like to draw your attention to one or the other cigar that you may not have smoked in a long time and going back to the humidor and selecting a cigar you haven’t smoked, maybe even in years, is just as good as smoking a newly released discovery. 


1. I feel that Saint Luis Rey is somehow often reduced to the Double Coronas only. But the Serie A can be nothing short of spectacular. I remember seeing them in 50 counts in the shops a few years ago. Still the dressbox releases are nothing short of being a well balanced but yet intense smoke. And you have to love the 46 ring size. 
2. Another secret of mine – although I touted this one out here before – is the Quai d’Orsay Coronas. Easy to get even with a few years on them, mild to medium body and very flavorful.
3. When was the last time you have smoked anything from Sancho Panza? The salty tobacco taste is unique and very appealing. Can’t decide on my favorites. You can go with the Coronas or the Belicosos. They both can be divine!
4. Last but not least I would like to draw your attention to the Raffael Gonzales Slenderellas. Very thin and maybe a format that is not for everyone (and maybe because of that you still can buy this long continued cigar). But you will be surprised how much taste this elegant smoke packs! It certainly shows that in its prime this marca was dedicated to serious cigar smokers offering only the best of tobacco.

Now I have just mentioned a few cigars that are often in the shadow of Cohiba & Co and I certainly will point out more in future posts. And last but not least of course, you can go about this simply by looking for a vitola that you usually do not smoke. When was the last time you smoked a Coronas or a Slim Panetella? Go ahead – the Habanos Universe is not too big but big enough to (re-)discover one or the other jewel.