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Pedro de Valdivia Platinum

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After more than a year of putting a Brandy review online, it is about time to dig into the 15 or 16 Brandys I brought back from my short vacation in the south of Spain in 2015. And not just some Brandy it is. It is the Platinum from Pedro de Valdivia, produced by the Bodegas Valdivia S.A.. To see their regular Solera Gran Reserva check here. But today we are treating ourselves as it should be!

The bottle comes in a sleek simpel black package. And the elegant bottle pays enough tribute to whats inside without getting in the way. The Platinum comes numbered and the bottle tasted here is 0807. And while this is a Solera Gran Reserva already the dark color and then the nose give it away. It contains a lot of old Brandy!

After having been hypnotized by the enchanting look and smell the expectations rose up. I have to say almost too high to be realistic. Don’t know but the complete package was just so smart that it was totally impossible to not taste spectacular. All the sweet woodenness, the mahogany color. Of course, as all Brandys do, the smell alone is not a 100% pleasant as there is loads of alcohol involved that resolves into the air and might lead your senses into the wrong direction. But to make a long story short, the Platinum did not disappoint. It delivered and it delivered in heaps! Fruity tasting while vine and vinegar notes were present as well. Wood and sweetness was there too. Obviously top grade material that has left in barrels for decades.

I can’t remember the price I paid back then. I believe it came a bit at a premium compared to the standard Brandys. In any case, it was well worth it. As said this Brandy is a top, great, a peach, superior or whatever you want to hear, when it comes to a premium product. Sweetness is well balanced with the fire of Spain’s grapes and wines. Top notch. If I was forced to say something negative it would be, that it somewhat left me wishing it would be a tad more woody and sweet just like the top Brandys from Lustau or Sanchez Romante. At the same time that I said this, it clearly plays in the same league and I welcome the addition that has it’s own soul and character! Well done Bodegas Valdivia!

For more infos click on the tasting sheet:
Pedro de Valdivia Platinum

Pedro de Valdivia

Written by feltedhat on . Posted in Brandy Review


So I was visiting my friend Ric and after a very nice barbeque right before sunset on one of the first warm days this year he turns to me and tells me about this Brand he has… We had to do a little tasting straight away! 🙂

We talk about Pedro de Valdivia Solera Gran Reserva by Bodegas Valdivia, from Jerez.

The bottle and the tubus it is sold in look very nice and elegant. The brandy is right between a light and a darker color. Dark enough to promise complexity. But already the nose gives the pre-dominant escence of this Brandy away: wood. It must have been aged in fine oak casks and if you like oak, you will love Pedro de Valdivia. There is a sweet note that balances with the wood, as Ric points out very acuratelly. As well he notices that the Pedro de Valdivia is smooth. I perceived that too and because of this I am of the overall opinion that it is a nodge better than the average Brandys from Jerez.


As one more thing I would like to share a statement made by Ric. Somewhere in between discussing this noble beverage he drops that Spanish Brandy, compared to other spirits is usually a 100€ underpriced. And right he is! You’ll get complexity, age and tradition for much less than you pay for in a Whisky or a Cognac for instance. But please don’t tell this to the Bodegas! 🙂

For more infos click on the tasting sheets:
PedroValdiviaTasting PedroValdiviaTasting

Thank you Ric, for sharing this Brandy! It was a pure delight!

PS: Been googling and it looks like the rather young Bodega Valdivia currently has financial issues. I wonder how long Brandys under the make of this Bodega will be available?