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Partagas PSD4 Reserva

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Here goes a short note about a cigar that created a hype and really stuck out of the ordinary when it arrived: The Partagas Serie D No. 4 Reservas. Another post from the section.


It was the first of the Reserva types (today there are Gran Reservas too) and it came out in 2005 when everyone had jumped onto the train of well aged cigars and back then I felt it immediately caused a big stir. I personally liked the concept very much and I up until today adore the packaging with its very nice black varnished box. Mind you there are only 20 cigars in the box. And while 25 would have been the traditional choice, 20 fits fine.


As I said, the time in 2005 was just right to come out with something a little more aged. And the Serie D No. 4s included in those Reserva boxes have 5 year old tobacco in it coming from the harvest in 2000. I also think they chose a very nice cigar for the launch of the Reserva line. The PSD4 is liked by most of us and still today oozes with class and taste. No wonder that they were sold out worldwide very quickly and in the meantime I have seen one or the other box change owner for a noticeably higher price than the one that was asked when they came out 9 years ago. And launching price already included a very steep mark up compared to a regular box. The few PSD4 Reservas I smoked where all top notch good quality tobacco and rich and satisfying as PSD4 are. Very typical for the marca having leather, pepper and earthy notes. Just as you would expect it from a Serie D on steroids.


Today I must admit that I lost track of all the Reservas and Gran Reservas. I still think it is a nice concept and as a collector I approve of it. Another positive aspect is that they chose mostly nice cigars as Reservas like the Monte No. 4, the Cohiba Pyramides and especially the Lusitanias from Partagas amongst others. One down side are the prices. Personally I feel they are simply over the top. And rest assured, that if it doesn’t have to be limited, numbered, nicely varnished, exclusive and collectable you can easily buy a five year old box of regulars and enjoy them the same. ๐Ÿ™‚

Serie du Connaisseur

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It seems that I am on a trip to nostalgia lately. Here I am pouring out my grief again about another discontinued cigar. And not just one size, if not there are (were) three of them: The Partagas Serie du Connaisseur No. 1, 2 & 3.


My favorite is the Partags Serie du Connaiseur No. 3. Easily one of my favorite Partagas cigars besides the Paratagas Coronas. The cigar is full bodied, elegant, and simply a joy to smoke. The other cigars in that series are nothing short of spectacular too if you find the extra smoking time. What a shame the Cubans stopped making them! I really don’t get the way they manage their portfolio?


Actually the first Conny No. 3 I smoked was a vintage one that was a generous gift and it blew my socks away. I immediately started to buy more boxes of this very nice cigar and I haven’t looked back. Actually I do! I should have bought more because I am starting to run out of them. A great cigar to put in your humidor and forget about it for decades as it has very good aging potential.


If you look hard enough they still can be bought. And I certainly hope that Habanos will re-vive them again! Pretty please! ๐Ÿ™‚

Partagas Lonsdales

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Sometimes it is just nice to look at the cigars and fondle them a little bit, isn’t it? So this is no tasting if not just a short post of a brief encounter with a nice cigar, the Partagas Lonsdales.


I am really into 50 cabinets and I really like Lonsdales size cigar. Partagas is one of my favorite brand. So looking at it like that it is surprising that I have not lost a word about this cigar here. This is corrected now with a post in the category out of the humidor.

DSC_6574 (1)

Opening the cabinet the rich smell of spices, tobacco, barnyard and leather with a brief salty sensation already is amazing. The look of the bundle and the cigars without a band are a sight for sore eyes. Pure eye candy! Like I said sometimes it is already very satisfying to inspect a box of cigars. Check how they look, smell at them and simply enjoy the visual parts. I guess you really have to be a bit of a freak if you enjoy this like I do but hey, what can I do? ๐Ÿ™‚


The cabinet in this picture is – without looking it up properly – from around the turn of the century which makes them around 14 to 15 years old. While it certainly would be nice to smoke one or even publish a review here I am not sure if I really should break into the box yet. What do you think?