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Monsdales – the one cigar to bring to the lonely island

Written by feltedhat on . Posted in Cuban Cigar Review

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We all have heard of the custom rolled cigars and we all have tasted our share of them. Many famous rollers (often of the highest grade – 9) are known just like ancient marcas and they are famous for their particular blends or shapes. The Monsdales is one of those custom rolled cigars.

Unlike other cigars this Monsdales is not just a rollers product if not they are manufactured according to Enrique Mons personal taste and likings and Mr. Mons reviews the prime material for this cigar himself. These days the cigars are rolled in the casa by skilled hands and represent one – if not the best value a cigar has these days (when purchased directly in Cuba).

I love the Lonsdale-size anyhow. The little pigtail gives it a unique look as well. But above all the taste and combustion of this cigar never disappoints. Very well balanced, lots of tastes of tobacco and toasted bread with a little tweak of nutmeg and faint hints of chocolate. The cigar beautifully develops throughout the smoking period and never gets boring.

A few years back, I had the distinctive honor to smoke a Monsdales fresh in Cuba, after having had a little chit chat with Enrique Mons himself. A man, by the way, that would be worth filling books with his life path and his know how. I remember that I (again) was very impressed with this well tasting example and when I looked at how it burned down it hit me: The Monsdales is the clear proof that there are people walking on Cubas soil that have the best know how when it comes to planting, growing, curing and processing tobacco and producing/rolling cigars. It was obvious that the materials used are of the outmost quality. The craftsmanship that went into rolling is excellent and the blend is nothing short of spectacular.

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It has a bit of everything and is a very solid smoke and it leaves one very satisfied after the smoke. This and the roasted and toasty notes accompanied by a very suttle sweetness made a friendly smoker and me to nickname it “Snickers” when we were in Cuba. J

All the Monsdales I have been able to smoke have been along the same lines and no matter what year they were produced they were very consistent. Again a proof that there are very, very skilled persons in Cuba!

The one thing only to complain about is it’s availability. Without visiting Cuba in person it is very difficult to get a hold of a few sticks. So if you can help me to stock up on some more, I will be ever grateful to you!

Being in Cuba I had the distinctive luck to get a particularly nice box full of Monsdales made for the 10th Aniversary of the Casa managed by Enrique Mons. Very nice!

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Last but not least I would have to mention the Monsdales as the cigar I would choose if condemned to smoking only one kind for the rest of my life.