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La Escepcion Selectos Finos jar

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I slipped again. Back in 2016. It’s been a while but I guess there is no time-barring when it comes to a self-inflicted buying abstinence, right? Well, I was weak. I was unprepared. I really caught me in a very weak moment. I was on vacation. I was in a good mood. I have not bought cigars for a long time. I thought I was safe. I forgot about the mesmerizing odor in walk-in humidors.

What can I say? My guard was down. The selection in the shop was surprisingly wide. And there it stood. The embodied, ceramic temptation. A jar. It just stood there. On the top shelf. I lost it. I did not even ask for the price. Just told the shop assistant that I will take this one with me and reached for my credit card. A few days later I kind of woke up. The haze lifted. I checked my cc bill online to see if I really did this. Or if it was something like a weird dream. And there was the transaction (and might I add a hearty “ouch” here). I went to the humidor. And there it was. A jar. On one of the shelves. Standing there. In my humidor. I believe, I did not even have a look at the sticks in the shop. It did not even open the jar to take a nose full. It all went so fast.

But what a jar! A simple and yet elegant jar. Tall and curvy. Full with 30 sticks. 30 elegant Cuban cigars. I knew the cigars. I smoked some of them as everybody in my virtual vicinity raved about it I smoked some young specimens. I liked the brand from before it got revived to be used for the Edicion Regionales concept. I have smoked some very powerful and tasty vintage cigars from La Escepcion. I like the thinner ring size a lot too. And I believe it is one of the better Edicion Regionales. So getting the jar was the logical next step. Even if taken at a very late (or shall I say, expensive) time. Getting the jar was like committing to this cigar. Like a formal obligation. After all I still feel this is a great cigar and I love jars. Right?

Can anyone blame me? I guess so. Do I feel bad? Yes, a little. Did I overpay? Probably. Funny thing is, this jar did not interest me, back when it came up for sale in Italy. The boxes of La Escepcion Selectos Finos were for sale for quite some months, if I remember well. And then Diademas S.A. offered a free jar if you bought two boxes of 25. A free jar! A free ceramic containment with such elegant curves. But I was not interested. But that has changed. That has changed on this beautiful day in late spring 2016. It has changed on that day when I was driving back from Italy. Driving home. Not thinking about what would hit me when I made a short stopp. What can I say. That day, I slipped again.


Anual pencil smoking

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Due to logistic and administration the Swiss champion ship in pencil smoking had to be held in early January instead of the typical date which is late December. The participants were in good shape and competition was up to the game or was it?


Like every year so far the “pencil” that was smoked was a La Escepcion de Jose Gener – Longos. And so far the only complaint I had, was that every time I would smoke one I would have one less. 🙂 This time there was another aspect. The faint musty cellar notes that came with the cigars when I bought them, remained in the beginning of the smoke and for the first time they interfered a little bit with the cigar as until today the musty smell disappeared the moment the cigars were light. This underlying, faint aroma that came more from the box paper inlay than from the cigars was the reason as well why I decided to take them out of the box and smoke the cigars instead of simply adding them to the collection (see the picture of the box below). Maybe another aspect was that I stored this particular cigar in a jar during one year?


Apart from that “dusty mushroom” taste, which luckily disappeared completely after the first 2 centimeters, the cigar delivered flavor in truck loads and I have praised aged cigars here enough as I really enjoy them. But I can’t say it enough. There is something in that old tobacco that I wish would be in fresh cigars! A great marca and “the pencil” (aka Slim Panetellas) is a great and elegant vitola. I would buy recent production if there were any…


But at the end of that post I would like to add a few words about the Swiss championship. It was again a start to finish win and the most thrilling moments were in the beginning when it was not very clear if the competition was going to be pulled through due to issues with the raw material (e.g. mustiness). But in the end all turned out well and I am happy to say that once again it was a fair and square win of the title by me, the only contented. 🙂

See tasting sheet for more details: Hoyo San Juan

Annual Swiss Pencil Smoke Championship

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Did you know that you are reading the blog of a Swiss champion? I bet you did not! But every year around New Years the Swiss Championship in Pencil Smoking is held and so far I am the only one who has won it!


It is a tradition that I have kept for many years now. I dive into the humidor and I get a “pencil” to smoke. In other words there are no other rules than participants simply have to smoke a cigar with a ring size of a pencil (more or less) and that’s it. So for many years my smoke of choice (and most often my first cigar of the year) is a La Escepcion Longos (a Slim Panetela). I “guestimate” the year of production to be around mid 80ies and they are the perfect smoke to start (or end) the year as they are not too heavy but yet full of this vintage taste. Despite its age the cigar is very present and mild to medium bodied. A real treat. See the tasting sheet below for more details.


I would wish for the brand La Escepcion to get back to production again, not only as an Edicion Regionales (which is already great, but not the full blown stuff). Judging by the Longos this brand must have been kicking your taste buds. A real “power house” marca! At least this is what I would imagine a Escepcion cigar to be when smoked fresh. But I guess the raw material for the Longos somewhere got lost “improving” old school tobacco plants, experimenting with new breads…


Needless to say I would like to mention that once again I defended the title and won the Swiss championship in pencil smoking. It’s good to start the year as a real champion! Even if I was the only participant… 🙂

See tasting sheet for more details: EscepcionLongos