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La Escepcion Selectos Finos jar

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I slipped again. Back in 2016. It’s been a while but I guess there is no time-barring when it comes to a self-inflicted buying abstinence, right? Well, I was weak. I was unprepared. I really caught me in a very weak moment. I was on vacation. I was in a good mood. I have not bought cigars for a long time. I thought I was safe. I forgot about the mesmerizing odor in walk-in humidors.

What can I say? My guard was down. The selection in the shop was surprisingly wide. And there it stood. The embodied, ceramic temptation. A jar. It just stood there. On the top shelf. I lost it. I did not even ask for the price. Just told the shop assistant that I will take this one with me and reached for my credit card. A few days later I kind of woke up. The haze lifted. I checked my cc bill online to see if I really did this. Or if it was something like a weird dream. And there was the transaction (and might I add a hearty “ouch” here). I went to the humidor. And there it was. A jar. On one of the shelves. Standing there. In my humidor. I believe, I did not even have a look at the sticks in the shop. It did not even open the jar to take a nose full. It all went so fast.

But what a jar! A simple and yet elegant jar. Tall and curvy. Full with 30 sticks. 30 elegant Cuban cigars. I knew the cigars. I smoked some of them as everybody in my virtual vicinity raved about it I smoked some young specimens. I liked the brand from before it got revived to be used for the Edicion Regionales concept. I have smoked some very powerful and tasty vintage cigars from La Escepcion. I like the thinner ring size a lot too. And I believe it is one of the better Edicion Regionales. So getting the jar was the logical next step. Even if taken at a very late (or shall I say, expensive) time. Getting the jar was like committing to this cigar. Like a formal obligation. After all I still feel this is a great cigar and I love jars. Right?

Can anyone blame me? I guess so. Do I feel bad? Yes, a little. Did I overpay? Probably. Funny thing is, this jar did not interest me, back when it came up for sale in Italy. The boxes of La Escepcion Selectos Finos were for sale for quite some months, if I remember well. And then Diademas S.A. offered a free jar if you bought two boxes of 25. A free jar! A free ceramic containment with such elegant curves. But I was not interested. But that has changed. That has changed on this beautiful day in late spring 2016. It has changed on that day when I was driving back from Italy. Driving home. Not thinking about what would hit me when I made a short stopp. What can I say. That day, I slipped again.


Most collectable jars – top five list

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Friends of the Cuban smoke, it’s been a long time since I have not posted. You know, I was busy with work (head nodding). And family (light snore). And stuff (deep snore). And bla, bla, bla (fall off the chair) bla…

And now that we got that out of the way let’s cut to the chase! Or shall I say, let’s cut to the jar? I really like jars. I think they are the best container for cigars. Cigar jars contain cigars in a perfect way and are collectables at the same time. If kept in the proper environment cigars stored in a jar simply come to life. You know, the little-hair-on-young-wrapper-leafs-can-be-seen-alive. Not to be mistaken with mold of course. This coming to life is in a positive way. Similar to keeping cigars in tubes, cigars in jars age a little slower and all of the aroma is kept in the stick and not in the wood or the paper glued on the wood of the box. I actually like jars so much I have already written about it here.

About 15 years ago getting your hands on a cigar jar was not that easy. There were a few but they were expensive like the Cohiba 30 Anniversario. Of course back then – and still today – one of the desirable collectables was and is a Partagas Sevilla jar. But good luck in finding a nice one and if so the original cigars are long gone. With the introduction of the Millennium jars (Cohiba, Cuaba and Montecristo) the “jar-landscape” got a great and very affordable three-some in addition. I guess that the jars were such a great success that it brought the porcelain container back on the “packaging-map” in Cuba and fast forward a few years, more jars followed. Actually that many that it is hard to remember them (and own them) all one by one.

Reason enough to post my personal favorite list of the all time most collectable jars ever! And without further ado this is the top five list of those jars. Highly subjective as always here on

1) Bolivar Distinguidos ER China 2010
2) Cohiba Anniversario 30 (25 Dalias in a jar. Really, do I need to say more?!?)
3) Montecristo Robusto Millennium
4) Cohiba Coronas Especiales (by Diademas S.A. – only 200)
5) La Gloria Cubana Deliciosos ER Cuba 2009

Honorable mention are all the retailer and distributor jars that were introduced outside of Habanos S.A.. Top of the list is the elegant Portmann 40th Anniversario jar and the series of jars introduced in Spain (looking convincingly similar to the classical Partagas jar).

The post would not be complete with a dis-honorable mention. I feel I need to say something in this matter as well, even though this is practically impossible because they are what they are: jars! And I love jars, remember? So, dis-honorable mention are the “regular” Cohiba, Monte and Romeo “buckets” that came out a few years ago and still collect dust on the shelves of many vendors. I feel they lack a bit of soul.

So what is your favorite list ever?!?

Trinidad Robustos Extras Collecion Vintage jar

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Visiting Spain I brought back a little souvenir. 🙂 So below you can see some pictures of my newest “stick in the barn”, the Trinidad Robustos Extra. But those do not come in the standard box of twelve! And that said I consider Trinidad to have some of the most elegant packaging in the Habanos Universe. Those varnished boxes and the way the cigars fit in them, layered and wrapped in a silk ribon is just goergous.

Trinidad Robustos Extras jar

What you see here is the Trinidad Robustos Extras Collecion Vintage jar. This comes as number two out of a series of three, that were crafted for the Spanish market only. The first one of this rustic and old-school looking jars is the Upmann Magnum 46 and the third one contains Hoyos Epicure No. 2. And not only do all those cigars come in a Sevilla styled jar, no! They are especially aged for five years and the jars are numbered on the bottom (only 700 pieces are made of this Trinidad jar). So this thing ticks almost all my boxes: a jar is one of my favorite ways to store cigars, I am a sucker for numbered collectables and I prefer smoking cigars 5 years or older. And even though I feel that the ring size from the Robustos Extras is a tad big, it makes a flavory, rich smoke after a not to opulent meal! And for the sake of completeness I should add that the jar contains 16 cigars (opposed to 12 coming in the standard box) and each cigar has a second band that makes its origin clear: “Collecion Vintage”.

Trinidad Robustos Extras cigar

Not the first time I mention on this blog that I really appreciate what the Spanish do. Every year they release something that is collectable and extra ordinary and this is done with regular production cigars and not special editions. Not the first time either I am writing this here too: my appetite for “editions” is barely existing anymore. So another box ticked here for me! To sum it up: a beautiful and classic looking jar and some very nice cigars inside.

Trinidad Robustos Extras numbered