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Royalty meets tradition – small smokes

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I know, I know. I said I wouldn’t buy Cuban cigars anymore. I might have a few too much lying in the humidor. What can I say? Guilty as charged, your honor. But about a month or two ago, I found out that there is a gap in my current smoking portfolio: Small cigars. And so it comes that I post about new additions to my humidor. But first, let me get the following out of the way. Here I sit and as often as I can, I write about how lame big ring sized cigars are. That we all should stopp fooling around and go back to ring sizes 50 and smaller. And to be precise, when I say fooling around I particularly mean Habanos S.A. and the big vendors who can’t seem to get enough of those jaw breakers.Sorry to say but those big ringsides are the opposite of elegant and classy. But to come back to my initial point, here I sit and preach water and I don’t even have enough water stored in my humidor. That certainly had to be changed!

Of course another important aspect is, that I simply do not find the time to smoke longer sticks that often as I used to. And what makes it even more difficult is the fact that I don’t like to pair smoking cigars with other activities as I feel the cigar does not get enough attention. So time to smoke is a really, really scares luxury item for me. So getting some smaller cigars just simply made sense.

So cutting to the chase I got a beautiful box of Raffael Gonzales Cigaritos from September 2000. Traditional looking wooden box with a button to close and a very enchanting smell. Those are really for when it has to be quick and having been able to get my hands on 16 year old box I don’t even have to age them myself. The second box are the elegant yet “bit-size” El Rey del Mundo Demi Tasse from 2013. Not exactly vintage and they even do not follow “I don’t smoke a cigar younger than five years old”. But good enough to smoke and a nice change to the crusty box of H.Upmann Preciosas I every once and then frequent.

Last but not least the royal addition to the humidor: The San Cristobal El Principes. I wasn’t going to buy them as I have plenty of them lying around. But the smelling one wiff from this certain box brought me right back to the year 2000 when San Cristobals still were sold exclusively in Cuba. The smell immediately reminded me of the El Principes I looked at and smoked back then. So I simply had to get this box. Proof enough to me that the Cubans still know how to do it and still have the ability to produce cigars within their own typicality. Something that some said was lost over the years.

ERDM Tainos – Tasting of the Titans

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For the third tasting of the titans one titan generously brought the El Rey del Mundo Tainos (amongst some other spectacular cigars – but more on this later).


First up I would like to point out that for this tasting we missed out on one of the “members” as he had to be somewhere else in the world to comply with his working duty. And of course he was missed by us. I do hope you can attend the next time my fellow titan! 🙂

After the Quintero Churchills and the Partagas Palmas Grandes we came together to perform a tasting of the flagship of El Rey del Mundo, the Tainos. Reknown to be a mild Churchill format that goes well with Champagne. At least this is the preference of a very well known gentleman and aficionado. So this was reason enough to drink some bubbly as well. It was not a Champagne if not a little homage to the country the tasting was held. It was a bottle of the Swiss company Mauler that produces sparkling wine for generations using the traditional methods known from the Champagne. So much can be said by me, I much liked it to accompany the Tainos even though I found it added some (not unpleasant) sour notes.


The cigar surprised me a lot! All of us obviously enjoyed it very much (see the praises in the individual tasting sheets below). We quickly came to the agreement that this is not just a vintage simply by its boxing date (’98) if not it had the smell and taste of an excellent vintage cigar! Wood and sweetness were in the foreground for me and in some parts the cigar reminded me a little of the ERDM Lonsdales I did a tasting of a few months back. It certainly had the tannins to dry out my mouth like the Lonsdales, so the sparkling Mauler helped. The biggest surprise however was how full bodied this smoke was! I remembered the Tainos I have smoked in the past to be lighter and more subtle in taste. But this one was rich and complex. Blessed is the one who has a box or more of this cigar waiting for him or her.

But this was not the finish. The evening became even more intensive as we were gifted a custom rolled “Fundador Authentico”. About the size of a Laguito No. 1 but longer and the filler contained Medio Tiempo!!! The Tainos was my second cigar of that day and I did not feel prepared enough to smoke another, even stronger cigar that night, so I saved this one for a special occasion (already trying to think of a possibility and come up with an excuse to smoke it!). But my fellow smokers, seasoned as they are dared to smoke this special power house.


As you can imagine the impressions were many and we not only talked a lot about cigars if not we touched many subjects that night. And one of the best things for me is that we already agreed on a new date to do another tasting of the titans!

Last but not least I would like to take the opportunity to thank my fellow titans for all the extraordinary cigars, company and talks. Another nice evening spent in even nicer company! 🙂

For more impressions, details and description of the cigars please see the individual tasting sheets:
      ERDMTainos          ERDMTainos        ERDMTainos

ERDM Lonsdales

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First of all I would like to salute my friends smoking in the Pharmacy today! Hope all your cigars are fantastic! My thoughts are with you.

And as for me, after living off of Partagas Chicos and other small to very small cigars today I finally have time for a larger one! And for this occasion I picked a El Rey del Mundo Lonsdales from 1998.


Another cigar that was stopped being produced back when Habanos S.A. made this big cut in 2002. This particular cigar came in a fiver out of a trade from a few years back. I am down to two only and I have remember the others being fabulous albeit drying out the mouth slightly. But for this I have a nice Latte ready. 🙂


The cigar is well balanced, has a very nice and interesting development and fits perfectly to this warm summer afternoon. Lots of wood notes and even some roasted coffee beans are there. While I remember the other cigars out of this fiver to be more expressive this one was very pleasant and I would like to say very elegant. Very good example of this great cigar size. If I could I would buy a box to smoke one occasionally.

See tasting sheet for more details: ERDMLonsdalesTasting

On a side note: Pictures are taken with an Olympus OM-D EM-5 and a Leica Summilux 50mm f1.4 – my first try with a manual focus lens on the Oly and quite intriguing