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Most collectable jars – top five list

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Friends of the Cuban smoke, it’s been a long time since I have not posted. You know, I was busy with work (head nodding). And family (light snore). And stuff (deep snore). And bla, bla, bla (fall off the chair) bla…

And now that we got that out of the way let’s cut to the chase! Or shall I say, let’s cut to the jar? I really like jars. I think they are the best container for cigars. Cigar jars contain cigars in a perfect way and are collectables at the same time. If kept in the proper environment cigars stored in a jar simply come to life. You know, the little-hair-on-young-wrapper-leafs-can-be-seen-alive. Not to be mistaken with mold of course. This coming to life is in a positive way. Similar to keeping cigars in tubes, cigars in jars age a little slower and all of the aroma is kept in the stick and not in the wood or the paper glued on the wood of the box. I actually like jars so much I have already written about it here.

About 15 years ago getting your hands on a cigar jar was not that easy. There were a few but they were expensive like the Cohiba 30 Anniversario. Of course back then – and still today – one of the desirable collectables was and is a Partagas Sevilla jar. But good luck in finding a nice one and if so the original cigars are long gone. With the introduction of the Millennium jars (Cohiba, Cuaba and Montecristo) the “jar-landscape” got a great and very affordable three-some in addition. I guess that the jars were such a great success that it brought the porcelain container back on the “packaging-map” in Cuba and fast forward a few years, more jars followed. Actually that many that it is hard to remember them (and own them) all one by one.

Reason enough to post my personal favorite list of the all time most collectable jars ever! And without further ado this is the top five list of those jars. Highly subjective as always here on

1) Bolivar Distinguidos ER China 2010
2) Cohiba Anniversario 30 (25 Dalias in a jar. Really, do I need to say more?!?)
3) Montecristo Robusto Millennium
4) Cohiba Coronas Especiales (by Diademas S.A. – only 200)
5) La Gloria Cubana Deliciosos ER Cuba 2009

Honorable mention are all the retailer and distributor jars that were introduced outside of Habanos S.A.. Top of the list is the elegant Portmann 40th Anniversario jar and the series of jars introduced in Spain (looking convincingly similar to the classical Partagas jar).

The post would not be complete with a dis-honorable mention. I feel I need to say something in this matter as well, even though this is practically impossible because they are what they are: jars! And I love jars, remember? So, dis-honorable mention are the “regular” Cohiba, Monte and Romeo “buckets” that came out a few years ago and still collect dust on the shelves of many vendors. I feel they lack a bit of soul.

So what is your favorite list ever?!?