RyJ Robusto EL 2001

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It has been a while since my last post. One of the reasons is that I have been on a weekend with some friends and guess what! We smoked some fine cigars. 🙂

One particular cigar on this occasion was the Romeo y Julietta Robusto Edicion Limitada 2001. And what a treat this was! Not only did we smoke some very fine specimens if not my fellow smokers were all so kind to fill out a tasting sheet. 🙂

The Robusto had a nice box press and a nice dark and oily wrapper just as one would expect it from an Edicion Limitida. Upon lighting my cigar was immediatelly present but what struck me most (throughout the smoke) was the sensation of salt on my lips. Very interessting while not unpleasant. Notes of leather, wood and spices where present and the nice and incremental development made this complex, full bodied smoke an experience to remember. And I must say that this cigar together with one or the other nice EL I smoked lately, somehow restored my confidence in this “limited thing”. There are certainly some excellent Edicion Limitadas out there worth to be collected and enjoyed in their own right!


My friends all liked the cigar too. You can see that in the tasting sheets below as they rated it really high. Another indicator for me was that we initially planned to do a Brandy tasting at the same time but we quickly came to the agreement to wait with that as the cigar certainly deserved to be enjoyed alone so one could focus and enjoy it properly.


On a personal side note: Good to pass out Els that are no fakes. And whether the Partymides were fake or simply stored bad I am a bit more relaxed today since I am certain that this did not happen in my humidor as all the cigars that were stored the same way were flawless so far… 🙂

Im left to say thanks to all my fellow smokers. It was a rememberable time with you and this 12 year old Romeo really kicked some butts. 🙂

For more impressions, details and description of the cigars please see the individual tasting sheets:
      RyJRobustosTasting          RyJRobustosTasting        RyJRobustosTasting      RyJRobustosTasting      RyJRobustosTasting

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  • DonPaolo


    Excellet Tasting Panel! (aber Astrid könnte ruhig etwas leserlicher schreiben)


    • feltedhat


      In her defense: Sie hatte nur fünf Stunden Schlaf…


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