Ring size 52 and bigger – no thank you

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BigRingsizeI still do not see the point of producing so many cigars with a ring size 52 or bigger. OK – just for a change it certainly can be tolerated that Cuba produces a few cigars of this size. But we have seen an inflation of those and at the same time traditional and excellent regular production cigars with smaller ring size are being cut out. Not only do I find this a shame since tradition is one of the most important values that distinguish the Cuban cigar from the rest but usually to achieve a fat cigar it has to be filled with a lot of volado and that is not really the taste bomb amongst the leafs… Help me and stop buying those volado rolls! Buy slim cigars in order to show Habanos S.A. that they should produce nice slim regular production cigars as well! I’m not saying that I’m expecting all of the new releases with a smaller ring size. But it is ridiculous that I have to buy Regionales in order to get a Lonsdales made with more recent leaf for instance…


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  • Fauntleroy


    A very unfortunate trend indeed, but very much along the lines of other industries; it is easier to make money satisfying a somewhat generic taste of the masses than to dwindle in the niche-market of try connaisseur-products.

    This might be what the giant expansion of production, now about 15 years ago, was all about. A lot of culture has been lost and might never be reclaimed – after all, contemporary consumers would not know how to handle or appreciate a thing ring gauge cigar often times, or might simply dismiss it as too “whimpy”.

    However, as mentioned elsewhere, there is a slight renaissance of slim ring gauge sizes in the US market, and I have personally done my part in making people aware of their virtues. Some friends used to smoke 54-60 ring gauges exclusively and do not like the aesthetics of e.g. a Corona, but have come to appreciate the intensity of flavour it can unmistakably convey.


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