Partagas Chicos

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When was the last time you have read a review about a Partagas Chicos? You can’t remember? Maybe never? You do not recal ever seeing one? And I ask you, why is that?!?

The Partagas Chicos has it all and yet it seems to be overlooked just because it is so small and machine made. I believe it is time you re-do your math and start counting with this little but full grown Habanos!

The trend seems to be big ring sizes and yet the “new” smoker has to be supported by providing something short so he does not waste his whole precious afternoon for one cigar. This brings us formats like the Petit Robusto or even derivates of the Hermoso family. But I can tell you, if you don’t have a lot of time and still want to savour a real Partagas, you cannot go wrong with the Chicos which by the way shares the size with the discontinued Bolivar Chicos amongst others.

Now OK, the cardboard box packaging and the celophan remind me more of less expensive candy than beeing classy like some of the varnished cabinett boxes are for instance but hey, it is not always about the looks and the inner values do count, right?


Like mentioned it delivers the Partagas feel with leathery and peppery notes. It shows a surprising development throughout the smoke. It is hard to beat when you want a “quick” smoke!

The Chicos have a tendancy to become harsh in the very end. On the one hand side it must be the heat (too much for too little tobacco). On the other hand I can’t help thinking that this cigar would profit immensly from aging because it would loose the harsh bitter-notes. The problem is I can’t seem to come around aging them. I always smoke them up before they really have some years on them. 🙂

I’m left to wonder how they manage to pack so much Partagas in a so little cigar with a machine made blend. Is it that they save the cuttings when roling Serie D No. 4s or is it the wrapper leaf in the end?

See tasting sheet for more details: PartagasChicosTasting

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  • Heiko


    Never tried the Chicos… maybe it’s time to change that… Thx for the heads up…


  • feltedhat


    You should try it. It’s like a little snack when you don’t have time for dinner yet. 🙂


  • DonPaolo


    I smoked my last Chico (maybe) 10 years ago. I think it’s time to smoke another one.


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