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Ever wanted a new watch but somehow it felt not right to get a new one as you were happy with it or it was not the time to invest? Well, there is a cheaper alternative: put a new strap on it!


I am a sucker for vintage watches. But often the wrist straps can be worn out or really are plain ugly. No problem, if you have the right tool you can change the straps very easily on your own. You can purchase a ‘Federstegbesteck’ or better said a spring bar tool online and ready you are!


As for straps I can really recomend the ‘Rios 1931’ that can be bought off of the bay or amazon. You would be surprised how much quality you get for the low price. The straps can be compared to brand straps that are factors more expensive. And if the strap does not do the trick or gets boring it does not hurt to change it.


Personally I really like croco print very much. Depending on whether it is a classic watch I try to have a more subtle strap in print and color but what would the world be without changes and choices. So once it while it can be a it more flashy too.

Go ahead and try it. You will be surprised. A new strap makes a new watch! đŸ™‚

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