Montecristo Petit No. 2

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When I learned that the new Montecristo release is out and that it is sporting a new ring it was clear that I wanted to try one. It took me a while to go out and buy one but here comes the tasting of the Montecristo Petit No. 2.


I have to admit that the main reason I bought this cigar is the new ring. đŸ™‚ It feels like Monte changed the rings just last week but I guess this happened more or less 10 years ago for the last time. But this time I think they made a wonderfull job as the embroided ring with gold really gives the cigar a very nice and distinguished look. I feel this gives Habanos main work horse – as in most sold brand – the necessary importance. Of course some say that being the ‘mass produced’ cigar has a negative impact on quality and I myself am not a huge Monte fan (at all!). But this Petit No. 2 has something about it.


When it comes to my impressions I find the cigar to be a typical Monte. Unfortunately of the type I do not like. The first puff made it already very clear. There is this ‘hot smoke’ or burnt paper hint that I do not like. Apart from that it does have some pleasant aspects like leather and sweetness that remind me of the Petit Edmundos which its release date I consider to be the start of the new Monte generation which is richer and sweeter. And so it seems that this cigar is mixture of the old and the new Monte style. That at least seems remarkable to me.


My verdict: Great ring design but the cigar itself is not to my liking. Taking into account that the cigar is pretty expensive for its size I do think that there are much better alternatives out there! Overall build and taste give me the impression that nor the best tobacco and not the best rollers are in play here.

See tasting sheet for more details: MontecristoPetitNo2

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