Milenario SGR

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This is a Brandy I was not familiar with previously. I stumbled accross it from time to time but never really pulled the trigger. But when I found out that Luis Caballeros S.A., owner of Milenario, owns Lustau as well I had to try this one.


The presentation in a nice glass decanter that already rises hopes. And knowing out of which stable it comes makes it very hard for the actual Milenario Solera Gran Reserva to live up to my expectations. Price wise this SGR is playing in the lower leagues even though it is a little more expensive than the regular releases from the “big four” from Jerez.


It does not have the body or the sweetness of my beloved Cardenal Mendoza. But it is not bad either. I feel it really can play with the regular SGRs and holds up its own. This Brandy can convince with his notes of apples, prunes and cane sugar. It does even remind me a little of Cognac. Just a tiny little bit. Maybe because of the soapy and vinegar notes that really make it an interesting drink.


Personally when in this league I will stick with the ones I already know. But I cannot believe I have never given this one a try before. I understand that competition is harsh in this segment and to be known outside of your country a big marketing and distribution engine is required.

For more infos click on the tasting sheet: Milenario


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