Lustau Solera Gran Reserva Finest Selection

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Finally got around to open the second bottle coming out of this Lustau trial package, this time it is the

Lustau Finest Selection which is a Solera Gran Reserva from Emilio Lustau S.A. in Jerez de la Frontera.


The etiquette below the companys name is black with golden drawings and letters and right on the bottom of it it says ‘Finest Selection’. From the looks of it this is the darkest of the three if only just a tad bit darker than the regular Solera Gran Reserva.


Already its smell is a giveaway. A rich Brandy almost overpowering. It is a little bit overly sweet and has somewhat of a short finish. That is if you really have to look for something negative (and I really had to look very hard). With its fruity body and candice sweetness overall it easily is on par with the rest of the top SGRs. I can relate to why it has gotten the best in class award.


Another remarkable thing is that it really fits into the Lustau Brandy line. I was already impressed with the Solera Reserva and I love the Family Selection. And yet this one fits right and properly in between. Just another proof of the splendid craftsmen ship and know how at Emilio Lustau!

Again I would like to mention how much I like this trial package as I do feel that Brandy is underrated as it seemingly does not fit into todays broader taste. Not beeing sold in a hip bottle or beeing despised by Single Malt snobs it is important that Brandy is getting to the right target. So I feel it is a great thing to go out on the market with a package like this!

Well done, Lustau!

For more infos click on the tasting sheet: LustauSoleraGranReservaFinestSelection

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