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Today I would like to present my camera bag. Well actually it is a messenger bag that I use as a camera bag.

To be very precise it is a FREITAG, model F17 “Joe”!

Freitag is a Swiss company named after the two founders, the Freitag brothers, that manufactures messenger bags. But not just regular bags. The thing that really lets them stand out is that they re-cycle well seasoned truck tarps and security belts for their bags. The result comes in many colors and shapes and every bag is unique. Now can you believe that there is a Freitag bag in the Museum of Modern Arts in New York too?


As for the insides I got me an insert made for cameras at amazon and here we go – a perfect camera bag on the inside with an outside that does not scream “I carry expensive gear”. As you can see the bag stows away quite a lot of gear (a smaller insert would work as well of course). When loaded heavyily I run around with my DSLR with the 50mm lens attachted, plus one tele lens and another (small) 20mm lens plus an additional smaller camera like a MFT for exemaple. And there is still room for a bottle of water, a book, batteries, smart phone and other small stuff that can be stowed away in the big main compartment or in the smaller pocket on the front of the bag. Last but not least it has a padded compartment for a tablet or a small notebook. So I won’t really miss out on anything!


BTW – truck tarps are water proof, so the cameras (or what ever you put inside) is well protected against bad weather. Check out Freitag’s well made online shop, your truck might have already arrived too:

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  • feltedhat


    I bought the insert at! I don’t think it has a brand. Just type in camera bag insert and you’ll find many sizes and colors!

    BTW – You have some very good looking pictures on your website!


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