Fidel’s roller

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According to the legend, Fidel had his cigars rolled by one and only one person. A roller that was so skilled that the Maximo Lider trusted her or him so much that only this person would roll Fidel’s beloved cigars (up until he quit smoking of course).


What it is I am taking out of this? And I am trying not to be too sarcastic, but for one it tells me that not every roller is equally skilled and even Fidel must have ended up with the occasional dog rocket that did not draw or was too loosely rolled. I guess he was fed up to put up with bad quality control and stuff. Just like some of us aficionados are. đŸ™‚ Note: In all seriousness I guess this was certainly not the correct explanation.


Another thing that strikes me about this legend. While not everyone has the same skills and while quality can be a hit and miss in Cuba the expertise that is on that island has no comparison. When they know their stuff, they KNOW their stuff.

I – once again – take a bow in front of all of that know how, craftsman ship and experience. Matched up with a unique soil and clime and you have something not to found anywhere else.

So, what was the last Habanos you have cherished?

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