Duque de Veragua

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Another gem from Jerez that for some reason is not so well known outside of Spain: the Duque de Veragua Solera Gran Reserva made by Álvaro Domecq, S.L. from Jerez. This one was on my radar for some years but I somewhat never was able to source it for a decent price (I really wish I could visit Spain more often). Finally I found a place in Germany that had a good offer and I pulled the trigger. Maybe this Brandy is not so well known outside of Spain as the bodega is rather young. But so much upfront, I feel this really should change!

Duque de Veragua Brandy Jerez

The presentation with the nicely shaped bottle in the old school, red cardboard packaging already builds up a high expectation. The dark, glossy and almost coffee like color even more so. And what can I say, opening the bottle for the first time fills the ambient air with the rich scent of a well aged Solera Gran Reserva. Don’t you just love it when you pull the cork and get a nice whiff of Brandy?!? Spectacular!

Duque de Veragua Brandy Jerez

Luckily the taste and finish do not disappoint the high expectation as the drink carries all the classic aspects of an excellent Brandy. Really a true master piece that outshines many of the well known regular SLRs by a good stretch! Not knowing how many years this distill has on its back I am guessing that it contains quite some old stock, at least 15 to 20 years if not more (and after checking the home page linked above I understand the older contents of this SGR are 30 years).

Duque de Veragua Brandy Jerez

I personally always like to know which grapes have been used and here as well the above linked home page is very helpful. The Duque de Veragua is made of 95% Airen and 5% Palomino grapes. Another interesting aspect is the 38% alcohol by volume (AVB). Many Brandies have 40% so this Brandy has a particular smooth mouth feeling. Really the only thing I could point out as a minus here is the availability in my neighborhood and if I could choose I would wish for an even longer finish. Maybe the more expensive Duque de Veragua Reserva would satisfy this need in me? 🙂 In any case this Duque de Veragua is really great stuff and I highly recommend it!!!

For more infos click on the tasting sheet: Duque de Veragua

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