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Goodyear welted, hand made in England, old tradition, classic style. It does not get better than that! Check out my new Loake’s. I received the shoes in a really short time. So I was very pleasantly surprised when the mailman brought a big parcel. And having the lifetime 15% on Loake at pediwear makes it even more tempting. 🙂


Reasoning behind that order wis that my “old” Loake’s are starting to show some wear. On the one hand side that is really a good thing and it is how they look best as they really beautifully age. On the other hand I thought it would be good to give them a little more rest from time to time, letting them really dry up after a rainy day, etc.. So two new pairs were in order.


So as for the new shoes you are looking at in this post one is the Loake, Cagney in Black Polished Leather. I consider this as elegant but yet modern and I really like the oxford closed lacing. The other pair is the Loake, Burford Dainite in Tan Burnished Calf. This one is a bit more “flashy” brogue boot with a rubber sole. I am planning to use it on snowy or rainy days but most of all it should see action in my leisure time more than at work. This is why I decided to get the Dainite rubber sole as this is more practical to walk even in the woods or on unpaved roads.


As I said, it doesn’t get better than this and I am not missing the rubber sole mass production shoes – not one minute.

PS: Sorry for the messed up shots. I tinkered a little bit with filters and vignette to “paint” over the really missed focus…


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  • Heiko Blumentritt


    I like the brown ones, very nice!


  • Ric Capucho


    Been wearing Loakes for about twenty years, and cannot recommend them enough. My black pair that I wear daily in the office are approaching 10 years old are are on their third set of soles.

    Bit like the story of the 100 hammer…



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