Zenith 2600 Automatic

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It’s been a while that I have written something about a watch. I love watches but strangely enough I hardly wear them anymore. A watch, so I feel, is something for a special day. And a watch is one of the sole jewelry that I feel comfortable to wear. To say: basically the only one.

Zenith 2600 Automatic

What you see here is a Swiss made Zenith 2600 Automatic from the 60ies. And I must admit I really like me my vintage watches! This Zenith was as common back in the 60ies as the Swatch is today. Well, almost. 🙂 But it was nothing really fancy, nothing really overly priced and it was difficult to impress somebody with it back than. But as I said a classic and even today the 2600 automatic are still produced by Zenith.

Zenith 2600 Automatic

To me this 2600 Automatic really has all the classic style aspects of this area that I like so much. Not to small, not too big. Not overly thick. Basic material with a gold plated case on the top side (below you’ll find regular steel) and a white dial. The lug-arms are not too long nor fancy. The only thing that is a bit odd is the placement of the date. But all in all very, very classy. And just to my taste.

Zenith 2600 Automatic

I had this one serviced not long ago as it would not work any more. Now together with a new wrist band I am extremely happy with it and I don’t have a guilty conscience to put it on and use it as an everyday watch as Zenith is not this highly sought after watch and sometimes even hard to recognize. I understand the company back than released many models with differing dials, writings and material. So it is not so easy to spot a real from a fake or to be sure if it is a redial.

Universal Geneva Compax

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It’s been a long time since I have written something about a watch and frankly speaking I do not have a lot of time to smoke lately. So this is a good opportunity to write a little something about a that was handed down to me from my grand father: The Swiss made Chronograph from Universal Geneva, the Compax “twelve hour register”.


Certainly not a watch you see a lot in the street as one does not hear or see much from this house. As the name suggests the company is based in the same city used in the name Universal Geneva and was founded about 120 years back. Due to introduction of quartz watches in the 1970ies it survived even up until today. While the Compax line does not seem to be the iconic watch of the house it is very well regarded amongst collectors these days. Most probably the Tri-Compax with its calendar was the most popular of the Compax line.

_DSC0702 (1)

I personally like this watch because it has this classic look that watches from the late 1940ies and early 50ies have. But yet it looks a little bit like an instrument with its blue, almost black hands on the white dial and its red gold casing. The button on top of the crown starts the stop watch. The button below the crown stops the micro chronometer and after a second push, returns the hands onto the starting positions. The micro chronometer indicates seconds with the long small hand on the main dial, the minutes on the small register to the right and the hours on the register below. The register to the left, very discreetly, shows the “regular” seconds which is great as this is much “less nervous” in my opinion. On the one hand it is a shame that watches like this are not made anymore. On the other those old classics are still everything a watch has to be and are literally a true gem in every mans wardrobe.


One note for the purists and collectors: At one stage this watch must have been overhauled and re-dialed as the watch itself and especially the dial obviously look very new. The dial shows some small imperfections and seems to be a “near-replica” design of the Compax-dials used at that time. I especially would like to thank the members of watchuseek for their investigative help in that matter!

new wrist straps

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Ever wanted a new watch but somehow it felt not right to get a new one as you were happy with it or it was not the time to invest? Well, there is a cheaper alternative: put a new strap on it!


I am a sucker for vintage watches. But often the wrist straps can be worn out or really are plain ugly. No problem, if you have the right tool you can change the straps very easily on your own. You can purchase a ‘Federstegbesteck’ or better said a spring bar tool online and ready you are!


As for straps I can really recomend the ‘Rios 1931’ that can be bought off of the bay or amazon. You would be surprised how much quality you get for the low price. The straps can be compared to brand straps that are factors more expensive. And if the strap does not do the trick or gets boring it does not hurt to change it.


Personally I really like croco print very much. Depending on whether it is a classic watch I try to have a more subtle strap in print and color but what would the world be without changes and choices. So once it while it can be a it more flashy too.

Go ahead and try it. You will be surprised. A new strap makes a new watch! 🙂