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Today I am writing about something completely different. Lately I did not find the time to rest and smoke a cigar or enjoy a Brandy. Actually many refer to me as a non-smoker because I am not chain smoking cigars. 🙂 In the last few weeks I wondered off on the paths of another hobby: Photography. It seems fairly easy compared to smoking as you can always carry a camera and it is easy to combine photography with family (most of the times).

A few weeks back I received a new lens, the Olympus 14-150mm to use with my Olympus OMD EM-5. A mirror less camera that I wanted because it is considerably lighter and smaller than a regular DSLR and it has an electrical view finder included. The 14-150mm lens is actually a 28mm to 300mm taking the crop factor into account. Or in short: this is a all-in-one lens. It covers wide angle up to tele zoom while at the same time it is compact and light. The first few images really met my expectations while I like the colors very much. Well above you can see one of those shots I am talking about and you can see a few more on my other website that is for photography only here.


On another note I must say that I really come to like my range finder the Leica M8. Even though it is a camera that is from a technical perspective regarded as old (some even speak of electronic trash) we all now the lens is more important and the M8 together with the Summicron 35mm I own have been used for some of the pictures I most like so far. A truly unique camera that simply motivates me to go out and take pictures. Never the less I do think about its smaller sensor and how cool it would be to have a full frame Leica. Plus I must admit that I do find the pictures coming from the sensors used in the M8 or M9 (CCD) somehow have a bit more magic than the regular CMOS sensors that are used not only in the newest Leica M if not by other big names in the business. So the next logical step would be the M9. But financially it still is a big step that I not sure can be justified. But who knows, maybe the new Mini-M that will be announced by Leica in mid June is a solution. 🙂

But what is all the gear in the world and pictures you like worth if they end up in a drawer or a photo book somewhere on a shelf? Sharing is a big part of this fun. On the one hand side this is why I have the website especially dedicated to photography and on the other hand there is flickr (you’ll find a button on the right upper screen for that). Initially I hesitated to do anything else apart from flickr. But the platform really is for sharing pictures without much personal comments and I found it not very attractive visually. To do it the way I feel it would be nice I then started with frontlefteye. And about two weeks ago I opened a tumblr account to share more pictures, pictures I feel would make my page “overflow” but that still are worth sharing. That said you must now that I try to limit myself to five pictures for every post on frontlefteye in order to make sure that I personally pick the ones I really like and not to bore people looking at the page. So there I was with my own page, flickr and a tumblr page. And then flickr came with a change where you not only have more space if not they made the whole thing more attractive visually! It took me two days to delete my tumblr account and move a few more pics to flickr and I am planing on using flickr more in the future while beeing more selective on my own homepage. Got to say, I’m pretty happy about it.


Last but not least I have a few “projects” I follow. Or in other words I am much interested in old transportation means. Be it cars, trains, tractors. You name it. Squatters is another thing I started and there are some more. Hope that one day I have a nicer collection of pictures to publish something worth while. And in the mean time there is always the gear aspect of this hobby. I’m hoping that one day I can get my hands on some wide angle lenses like the Olympus 9-18mm or the Voigtländer 15mm since I really like what those lenses do with the actual subject. And I certainly could use a better tele for my DSLR, but that has lowest priority.


I the mean time I’m trying to go out as much as possible and shoot and at the same time get inspired by fellow hobby photographers sharing their output on flickr and else where. An interesting world on its own!

Freitag – my camera bag

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Today I would like to present my camera bag. Well actually it is a messenger bag that I use as a camera bag.

To be very precise it is a FREITAG, model F17 “Joe”!

Freitag is a Swiss company named after the two founders, the Freitag brothers, that manufactures messenger bags. But not just regular bags. The thing that really lets them stand out is that they re-cycle well seasoned truck tarps and security belts for their bags. The result comes in many colors and shapes and every bag is unique. Now can you believe that there is a Freitag bag in the Museum of Modern Arts in New York too?


As for the insides I got me an insert made for cameras at amazon and here we go – a perfect camera bag on the inside with an outside that does not scream “I carry expensive gear”. As you can see the bag stows away quite a lot of gear (a smaller insert would work as well of course). When loaded heavyily I run around with my DSLR with the 50mm lens attachted, plus one tele lens and another (small) 20mm lens plus an additional smaller camera like a MFT for exemaple. And there is still room for a bottle of water, a book, batteries, smart phone and other small stuff that can be stowed away in the big main compartment or in the smaller pocket on the front of the bag. Last but not least it has a padded compartment for a tablet or a small notebook. So I won’t really miss out on anything!


BTW – truck tarps are water proof, so the cameras (or what ever you put inside) is well protected against bad weather. Check out Freitag’s well made online shop, your truck might have already arrived too:

Zeiss Ikon Nettar

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The Zeiss Ikon Nettar today is an old camera. Back then it was an entry level camera or better said it was ment for amateurs. It is not worth alot these days on ebay, it has a 1:6,3 f=75mm lens and used 120 roll film.


All of that does not matter. The camera in the pictures here is important to me because it was my moms first camera. Plus it makes a great decoration item, right up to par with a family picture. 🙂

But looking at pre-digital cameras is making me wonder. Are we talking too many pictures these days. I mean a lot of photos I see is food, drinks and “selfies” in smart phone quality. Is our generation not just the trash producing nation if not the digital trash producing generation?


Then again taking pictures is soooo much fun. Reminds me to buy another external hard drive, by the way… 🙂

Coming back to the Nettar: Who shoots those these days? Is there a comunity for this?