Not always Brandy

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It doesn’t have to be Brandy all the time, does it? There are many other drinks out there that can be enjoyed. So here you see some of my newest spirits.


First of all the Vodka. Crystal Head from Canada. Already had one or two shots and this is excellent stuff. But that was already clear when I saw that this is Dan Aykroyd’s new line of Vodka. πŸ™‚ In all seriousness my first impression is that this Vodka is not in need of this fancy bottle. Even though I have to admit the bottle is a big part of why I got it as I think it fits the feltedhat logo very well and I am planing to use it as a decanter for Brandy later on. πŸ™‚


Here we see a miniature bottle of Kah tequila. This is the Reposado and apart from that you can find the Kah blanco that comes in a white bottle and the Kah Anejo in a black bottle. They all come in those cool skull shaped bottles with a unique design. Kah has won the San Francisco World Spirit Double Gold Award in 2012 so I have high expectations. πŸ™‚

DSC_2623 (1)

Last but not least there is Absinth. Something I wanted to try in a long time! Not many alcohols come wrapped in so much saga and legends. And today everyone is assuring you that Absinthe is absolutely safe if you drink it with consideration as any other alcohol. Since I like schnapps made with herbs or anise and I do like a nice glass of Pernod in summer I think Absinth would be something that really could be down my alley. We will see…

My other camera bag

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Since the post about my Freitag bag is still one of the most popular ones on my blog according to the amount of hits it gets, I thought I could post about my other bag too. πŸ™‚


And here it is. It is the Freitag HAWAII FIVE-O and like all the bags from this Swiss company it is made from second hand material. Namely truck tarp, bicycle inner tubes and seat belts. One very convenient thing for me is that I can adjust the shoulder strap. With that I can vary the spot where it touches my back or if I want the bag to be higher up to get a better look onto what is inside of it I can do this very fast and conveniently (and this is great when fumbling around with lenses or changing the battery on the go).


Like my other bag I use this one as a photo bag too and I can easily carry one camera with an additional lens in this smart bag and as you can see from the picture there is even space for a second camera! Keys, handy, additional batteries and many other small things can be nicely stowed away as well. And so far I am not missing foam padding or compartments – at all. I simply put my cameras in a cloth bag (like the red one that can be seen in the picture) or I pack the lenses in a soft pouch and in they go! It can actually fit a big DSLR including tele zoom (in my case a 28-300mm) and I could even squeeze in a compact camera or a small lens. No problemo.


I own this bag for a few months now and I am very happy with it as I was looking for a smaller bag to just carry around one camera and a few accessories/lenses. Most of the time when I want to go out and take pictures I have my “main” camera in my hand anyway so a bigger bag with just one lens remaining in it was simply too much. So this small and light bag really fits this bill perfectly. Plus due to the truck tarp it can take rain with no problem at all! I couldn’t think of a better (small) photo bag.

No smoking please

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I know I said I would be leaving for a break. But this was too nice not to pass it on as today I have seen a few cigar related things in a place where cigar smokers are not the primary target group. πŸ™‚ But even though they lack a real smokers lounge there is a lot of fun to have here at Legoland in Billund, Denmark


So far during the whole trip I did not have the chance to smoke a cigar yet and even today did not present itself for a quick smoke in front of the hotel room porch… The days simply have been too busy and fun packed and I am dead tired in the evening. But who knows, I might get a chance to smoke a small cigar soon.


And so far I had not felt the urge to “dive” into my reserve of Cardenal Mendoza either. Am keeping it for a “nicer place” later on.


Happy smoking ya’ll. πŸ™‚