Loake – goodyear wealted

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After I scratched my old pair beyond repair so they will see jeans for the rest of their lifes I finally got a new pair. Hand made in England, goodyear welted. I love them and while one thinks it is a big investment Loake’s are not in many ways and shure beat those plastic shoes that pretend to be the real deal. I admit I love my Chuck Taylors but there is a moment for everything and when it comes to dress shoes nothing beats a classic brouge. To be precise you are looking at a box with Loake Buckinghams in Tan.

CdA Ecridor – the pen is mightier than the sword

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I have a terrible hand writing plus 99% of my writing is done via a keyboard. Reason enough to use a nice fountain pen.

Aft looking into the diffrent options like Waterman (love the historic aspect) or Montblanc (very elegant and classy design) I went for the Swiss solution: The Caran d’Ache Ecridor in the Paladium Retro version. The Ecridor saw the light first in 1953 and has since come in many diffrent versions. It became somewhat of iconic and is classy and substaintial at the same time in my eyes.


I use it with the regular re-fill ink cartridge from Pelikan and not with the insert that you can manually fill out of an ink pot. This is for the simple reason to always have a back-up cartridge if I run out of ink. Carrying around an ink pot is not so practical… And since I have a rather small writing I use the M-sized tip.

Must say it feels great writing with this pen and its not just the watch and the shoes that define a gentleman. Writing “gear” says a lot about as well. 🙂