slow and low bbq

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Barbecue (bbq) or as we say here in Switzerland “grill” is great! I love it. And if it is slow and low bbq I adore it. Not just to eat it if not preparing it, marinading, drinking a cool beer besides the grill and everything. What is not too like! And if you visit my Facebook page you should have come across some pictures where you can see my Farmer Grill smoker in the back ground. So you know I like it.


And the smoker is really, really awesome. It lets you make things that people rave about for weeks. But I must admit that sometimes even for me the preparation is a bit lengthy and it needs a little more attention when you really do hours and hours of low and slow since the carbon has to be refilled every four to five hours or so. So for a while now I was planning to start cheating and get a little gas grill.


It had to be Outdoorchef, so much I knew. But I really wanted it to be small as I did not want to invest into another bigger grill (even tough a Monolith would make my grilling life perfect!). Now when you look at the smaller models they all have only one burner system. That basically does not allow the get the heat down to 120 to 150 degrees Celsius. So a good friend and barbecue expert told me about a little thingy (gas pressure regulator) that reduces the gas outlet right from the gas bottle. I went out to hit some of the DIY shops that sell grills and barbecue accessories too and easy enough in the first shop I was able to pick up a pressure regulator from Campingaz (link does not show actual product I got).


The same day I ordered the City 420 G and the weekend after I chucked a big piece of pork neck onto the grill and 16 hours later we had some excellent pulled pork, home made potato salad and a cool beer. Of course I threw on one or two sausages right before dinner as well, just to round the meal off. Man, I am happy I got this little Outdoorchef. Not only for carefree low and slow if not it really comes in handy for the quick grill on working days evenings. 🙂

Freitag iPhone sleeve

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I really like the products of the brother Freitag. I already have two bags for my camera stuff as you can see here.

Freitag iPhone sleeve

So when finally deciding to let go of my 6 year old iPhone 3 and jumping joining the 21st centuries tele communication technology owners I browsed through the internet to look for the coolest iPhone cover I could find. I initially wanted to get the Gizmon iCA including cover and strap that mimics the look of a vintage camera perfectly. Unfortunately they are not made for the iPhone 6 and as the only crowd funder failed it looks like they not every make one. 🙁

Freitag iPhone sleeve

But then one night it dawned on me. Why not get something from Freitag?!? I went online and immediately liked the blue colored Freitag iPhone sleeve they have. A little pricy I have to admit but when it arrived the whole family was stunned about the vibrant blue truck tarp that was used here: “It looks like brand new!”. 🙂 Bevore I already had a sleeve and I personally like the fact that when I take out my smart phone nothing distracts the actual phones design as there is nothing attached or stuck to it. Just as when it came new out of the box. And BTW I am really impressed with the phones camera.

Freitag iPhone sleeve

Of course the smell of truck tarp was a little distracting the first days but that passes very soon. So here you see it. Another great product from Switzerland!

New shoes

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Goodyear welted, hand made in England, old tradition, classic style. It does not get better than that! Check out my new Loake’s. I received the shoes in a really short time. So I was very pleasantly surprised when the mailman brought a big parcel. And having the lifetime 15% on Loake at pediwear makes it even more tempting. 🙂


Reasoning behind that order wis that my “old” Loake’s are starting to show some wear. On the one hand side that is really a good thing and it is how they look best as they really beautifully age. On the other hand I thought it would be good to give them a little more rest from time to time, letting them really dry up after a rainy day, etc.. So two new pairs were in order.


So as for the new shoes you are looking at in this post one is the Loake, Cagney in Black Polished Leather. I consider this as elegant but yet modern and I really like the oxford closed lacing. The other pair is the Loake, Burford Dainite in Tan Burnished Calf. This one is a bit more “flashy” brogue boot with a rubber sole. I am planning to use it on snowy or rainy days but most of all it should see action in my leisure time more than at work. This is why I decided to get the Dainite rubber sole as this is more practical to walk even in the woods or on unpaved roads.


As I said, it doesn’t get better than this and I am not missing the rubber sole mass production shoes – not one minute.

PS: Sorry for the messed up shots. I tinkered a little bit with filters and vignette to “paint” over the really missed focus…