Cabanas Chiquitos

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Cabanas box
Here is a cigar I love. Even if those little guys are mini figurados. 🙂

Cabanas box open

I only have a few left and I save them for moments when I want short, toasty tobacco plus this tea taste you get from nicely aged Cubans. Even for the short time they burn there is a nice development and those literally will burn finger tips.

Cabanas close up

When you can find a box, do not pass this opportunity up!

Cuaba cussion

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Something you do not hear or see much of in the internet is the cussion shaped case from Cuaba containing 5 Salomones and 5 Distinguidos. 600 of them were sold and they are individually numbered (with a plastic sticker on the inside).

If I remeber correctly the humidor was available after the “book” Salomones came out but before Salomones and Distinguidos became commercially available (or at about the same time?).

I never lost the feeling that there was an overrun in production so these humidors got created and were filled with those cigars. But that is just me bad mouthing.


Like I said, I never read any review or tasting of the cigars and since I have a real problem breaking open complete boxes you probably will not see a review of them here in a long time. 🙂

And speaking of a long time. What do you do with cigars that come in packages like this that are made out of solid wood? Do you leave them in there or do you store them seperately in order to let the tobacco flavor not to be mixed up with the cedar odor? I for me like the woody smell intermingeling with tobacco.


I wonder how many of those cussion shaped cases still are around, unsmoked?

Cuban soil – its all in the roots

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Bild 117Why do Cuban Cigars taste like they taste and why does piloto cubano taste different coming from outside Cuba? It must be the soil, mustn’t it?

Of course there are other factors like harvesting, curing, storing and processing to name to most prominent ones but soil must have the biggest impact. It’s what nourishes the plants and to make my theory complete (without knowing the processes in and outside of Cuba) is the striking difference in taste comparing Habanos with other cigars made from so called piloto cubano. OK – everything I say here is quite shaky cannot be backed up and the seeds taken off the Cuban island back then might as well have been treated the wrong way. Western union locations But bear with me for this thought.

Let’s look at the where tobacco is grown. It’s not all over the place and there is a noticeable difference between Vuelta abajo and other areas where tobacco is planted in taste. Even within Vuelta abajo there are places that are more prestigious than others.

Bild 122Another thing that strikes me is that there are whole generations and families of Vegueros that dedicate their lives to planting, growing and harvesting. I can only bow in front of so much experience. They are able to live, breath and feel the soil. They know if it is too dry or what to do in case of colder weather and so on because their grandfathers taught them. An amazing treasure right there.

Of course not only the soil is important if not the plant itself. But the plant itself is worth an independent post.

But I believe, it’s all in the roots.