Bolivar Poderosos

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New in my humidor is the Bolivar Poderosos Edicion Regionales Benelux from 2013. But first let’s get some things out of the way…


I have said I would not buy Regionales anymore and would stick to classic regular production cigars where one can be certain what will be delivered. I have commented on not liking and smoking big ring size cigars. I have written about figurados and that I prefer parejos. So why on earth did I buy a box of Bolivar Poderosos???


For a start it is a Bolivar and this is one of my favorite marcas. Then the little, sick collector in me wanted to have a box of another Edicion Regionales from Bolivar. And this is knowing that many ERs in the past have not always been within the marcas flavor profile. But the little I have heard about this cigar so far was good. So I am willing to take the risk and I will try one of them soon to find out for myself.


Another thing is the presentation. This Double Pyramid that has the same size as the Bolivar cigars that came in the book-shaped Collecion boxes (a Rodolfo size) are packed in a gigantic 8-9-8 varnished box. A true sight for sore eyes and I have to admit that this was the real reason I gave in on this one. đŸ™‚

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