Bolivar Libertador

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Just released and already in my humidor. πŸ™‚ The Bolivar Libertador!


This year Habanos S.A. surprised us with a new Casa speciality. Well, not so new actually. Maybe in this form carrying a dedicated Casa ring. But the Libertador was one the first French Edicion Regionales. Remember? So this is not some kind of novelty if not it is the same vitola as you can see on one of the pictures where an ER version is lying on top of the new cigars.

I really liked the Libertador as an ER. It is actually one of my favorite ERs and you can see it being mentioned in my favorite list. So when I learned about this release I knew I at least would have to have one box. I at least wanted to do a comparison.


But it got me scratching my head a little. Why would Habanos S.A. re-release this cigar? As far as I understand the French ER was not liked by many. There were claims of it not being an authentic Bolivar if I recall it right. And about a year ago I still saw a box or two in a French shop, so they must have sold them rather slow. As far as size it seems to fit into the range of the other new releases as it is a fashionably big cigar. But I would imagine that many of the aficionados will maybe try one or two sticks but they will not buy whole boxes as it is yet another repetition of a not so sucessfull ER. Somehow I am reminded of the re-release of the re-release of the Bolivar Gold Medal as a Casa speciality. With this the 2004 Gold Medals were successfully kept from becoming a myth themselves. But maybe that was the goal in this case?

Personally I can not resist when it comes to a Bolivar. But one box is enough as this is certainly another big ring size cigar. BTW – this was the same reason I did not buy a San Cristobal de la Habana jar even though I am crazy for jars and I do like the marca. But too “rich” (in ring size) for my blood and it having the same size as the Swiss Bolivar Presidentes did not help either.


Last but not least I would like to say something positive about the packaging. The natural wooden box is splendid of course and I welcome the ten count boxes even though I would applaud much more to a new release coming in a cabinett. But what I really dig is this Bolivar logo sticker they applied on the side of the box (see the last picture in this post). I believe the Bolivar Britanicas were the first to sport this and I just think it adds a classic touch to the wooden box. I do think that I saw this kind of sticker on another wooden box to be released of a different marca and I would not mind to see this more often. πŸ™‚

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